Preschool in Vancouver, WA



Having spent many years helping children to learn and grow, The Humble Bee believes in balance and an environment that exposes children to diversity and a full spectrum of learning experiences. This includes activities that are child-centered and teacher-supported, exposure to a mixture of play-based and academic learning models, and encouragement of individual interest, responsibility and growth, as well as group collaboration and social development. 


Cultivating a child’s natural desire to learn is of supreme importance, thus The Humble Bee promotes adventure, exploration, innovation and learning opportunities that are pure, realistic, hands-on and authentically engaging for children. The Humble Bee is a place of brain-friendly education, supported by cognitive research that will stimulate early childhood development. For example, on any given day, your child may find themselves gardening, singing in French, exploring nature, learning yoga and meditation, developing reading and math skills, conducting an lab experiment using the scientific method, or even taking an advanced painting lesson, amongst many other things. Every day is an adventure and every classmate is a member of our humble family!


Our small class size and low teacher to child ratio assures that all students are receiving the attention and care that they need to flourish.


Our Daily Flow consists of the following:

  • Welcome

  • Morning Mindfulness: Yoga, stretching and exercise

  • Snack: Healthy, whole and organic

  • Superhero School: Free, fantastical and uninterrupted self-directed learning, play and problem-solving

  • Lunch: Brought from home

  • Bee-Keeper School: Teacher-directed learning, including academia, community circle time, story time, song and dance, class projects and teacher one-on-one

  • Outdoor School: Outdoor nature exploration, learning and play

  • Afternoon Meditation and Goodbye

Preschool in Vancouver, WA